How you can help…

It is indeed unfortunate that when disaster strikes, there are those trying to take advantage for personal gain.  One Caribbean Canada will only provide information on approved and registered charities or approved government disaster relief funds to ensure that your donations benefit those truly in need.

One Caribbean Canada supports and recognizes the efforts of Global Medic in Canada.  You can volunteer your time if you live in the Toronto area.  Otherwise, financial contributions are gratefully accepted.  Global Medic has delivered aid to the Caribbean (and indeed to destinations around the world) when they are most in need.  For more information on how you can donate your time or make a financial contribution, click Global Medic for more information.

To support Grenada:  Many Grenadians in the Toronto area have banded together to assist not only Grenadians, but as well their Caribbean neighbours.  Grenada Disaster Preparedness Toronto is a group that also supports Global Medic, but they will advise on how any other needs can be met (i.e. they are asking for tarpaulins, blankets and children & adult diapers).  Please click GrenadaDPT for more information.

The Government of Grenada has also set up a Natural Disaster Relief Fund for those that are able to make financial contributions.  For CAD wire transactions:  Bank of Montreal, The International Branch, Toronto, Canada, SWIFT: BOFMCAT2, Account #: 1019198, Transit #: 31442 001

To support St. Vincent and The Grenadines:  Vincentians in Canada have created Cari-On SVG to support those living in St. Vincent and The Grenadines.  These volunteers work tirelessly to support the needs of Vincentians who have been impacted.  They have created a list of items that are desperately required which include:  generators, cots, tents, tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets, sheets, hygiene kits, adult and children’s diapers, and battery operated flashlights and lanterns, For more information on how to donate, please click  Cari-On SVG.  Also, here’s a link to Cari-On SVG’s GoFundMe page.  The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has also created a Disaster Relief Fund for those that are able to make financial contributions.  For wire transactions:  Bank of St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Kingstown, St. Vincent, SWIFT CODE:  NCBVVC22, Account #: 137741

To support Jamaica:  Jamaica also supports Global Medic in Canada and ask that you volunteer your time and/or make financial contributions as you able.

To support Cayman IslandsThe Cayman Islands Red Cross will gratefully accept donations.


Volunteers from the travel industry and Team Bahamas at Global Medic assisting after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, September 2019.